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    You may access the teacher’s email through the Teacher Website.
  • Administrative Staff
    Our Administrative Staff welcomes everyone to stop by the office if you have a question regarding the school or your students.  



    Bryan Hudson is the principal at North Street Elementary.  He is committed to the excellent achievement of academics and atmosphere that makes North Street a success!


    Instructional Coach

    Josette LeBlanc is our Instructional Coach. She will assist Mr. Hudson and Teachers with best classroom strategies and instructions as well as other areas within the school.



    Mrs. Debbie Romero is the secretary at North Street Elementary.  She ensures that the Office is a pleasant and informative place for Parents, Students, and the Community. 

  • Pre KPre K
    Debra Clement is our PreK teacher.  Pre-Kindergarten students have lots of fun and exciting things planned for them.  Parents, please remember to check their folders daily!
  • KindergartenKindergarten

    Our Kindergarten teachers are Amy Bigler and Ashlee Richard.  Behavior sheets are sent home on a daily basis. Don't forget that your child will have homework Monday through Thursday.  Have your child tell you about their work! Most importantly, read a book to your child each night!

  • First GradeFirst Grade

    Our first grade teachers are  Nicole Eastin and Tricia Halphen.  Signed papers go home weekly and there is daily homework.  Visit the teachers’ web pages for additional contact information, as well as, other resources.

  • Second GradeSecond Grade

    Our second grade teachers are Tonia Lajaunie and Genna Wazenkewitz.  Visit these teachers’ websites for wonderful resources; i.e., web quests and schedules.

  • Third GradeThird Grade

    Our third grade teachers are Katherine Laviolette and Olivia Vidrine, Visit these teachers’ websites for resources and schedules.  See what they have posted!

  • Fourth GradeFourth Grade

    Our fourth grade teachers are Monica Jacob and Kari Hebert. Please visit their websites to access the latest information about one of the most important years in your child’s academic career.

  • Fifth GradeFifth Grade

    Our fifth grade teachers are Brandy Bouy and Kimberly Hayes.  Visit Mrs. Jones’ and Ms. Hayes sites to learn what is happening in 5th grade.

  • Sixth GradeSixth Grade

    Our sixth grade teachers are Mary Jacobs and Alexis Fuselier.  Both Ms. Jacobs and Mrs. Fuselier have great websites to visit.  There are wonderful resources to entertain and educate.

  • SPED DepartmentSPED Department
    Special education and related services are available to meet the needs of our students and are specifically designed for each student. The SPED Department of North Street is dedicated to meeting  these needs. Our teachers are Danielle Copell, Tiffany Williams, Patrice Fletcher, Arrianne Robicheau, Morgan Broussard,  Alex Leleux,  Emily Cestia, and Brittany LeBlanc
  • Physical Education Physical Education

    Mr. Daniel Mestayer is our Physical Education teacher.  He is dedicated to physical fitness and academic excellence for all her students.  He sponsors many activities in which students can participate.  Visit him to learn all about them.  Our APE teacher is Brittany Richard.

  • LibraryLibrary

    Ms. Bayne Olivier is our librarian as well as in charge of our choir and 4-H.  There are fantastic resources available through Ms. Olivier’s site.  Visit it today!

  • CCC Computer LabCCC Computer Lab

    Mrs. Mary Landry is in charge of our CCC Lab. If you need help, especially with the Parent Command Center, you may contact for assistance.

  • Childcare Facilities Childcare Facilities
    Childcare Facilities are directed by Mrs. Tina Joseph. She may be reached through our office.  School before and after hours are from 6:45 a.m. to  6:00 p.m.
  • Parental InvolvementParental Involvement
    North Street Elementary’s Parental Involvement Chairperson is Patrice Fletcher
  • BandBand

    Mr. Bart Romero is our band director. Students in sixth grade are encouraged to join band.  Mr. Romero may be contacted for policies and procedures regarding band.

  • French ClassFrench Class
    New to our school this year is French class as an elective for some of our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  Monsieur Assouman Toumbouli is our instructor.
  • Support StaffSupport Staff
    Our great staff of paraeducators are:  Sharon Alex, Monica Jackson, Tina Joseph, Kayla Ledet, and Lana Trahan,
  • Cafeteria StaffCafeteria Staff
    Our cafeteria manager is Natalie Davis.  Cafeteria staff are Mary Mitchell, Shalanda Washington, and Linda Vice.

  • CustodiansCustodians
    Our custodians are:  Mary Marshall and Derrick Allen.
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